July 2019 - December 2019



Project Janus is a first-person puzzle game where the player is able to go through portals that bring them to 3 different time periods. The player can return back to the present at any time but must change things in the past in the right order to progress in the present.

My Role: User Experience Research and Design, Narrative Design

Project Janus was a project I was developing with 5 teammates at the beginning of my Junior year at DigiPen Institute of Technology. We switched projects at the end of our first semester but a lot of good work was still done on this game. I was able to test many early prototyped levels that helped us understand how to give proper feedback and guidance for the player while using the abstract time control mechanic. IUI was also wireframed and created along with designed effects that communicate what their actions in the past affected and what time period they were in.