January 2018 - August 2018


Quasar is a multiplayer top-down arena shooter. Players are able to choose 9 different characters with different weapons, mobility, health, and styles. Players play either brawl (free-for-all) or Galactic Quasar League (2v2). Players battle over control of the ball and attempt to score the ball in the quasar.

User Researcher

I joined the student team RetCon to help them playtest and make sense of their feedback gathered from our players. Working with the tech team was a great experience when it came to getting metrics to dump out every time a match was played. Through good planning and research, we were able to get ship data to write to a CSV file and easily be used to make visualizations in tableau. This proved gave us way more insight on the player experience in relation to our systems. This was incredibly useful for busy and large events like PAX West where we had our game played over 400 times (1400+ players) at the DigiPen student showcase booth.