December 2018 - 2020 (Present)


Quasar League is a networked 3D sports-based arena shooter. Players take control of one of nine pilots from one of three classes in a futuristic intergalactic sports league. Two teams of three
pilots fight over control of the ball. Once a team has control of the ball they can attack the enemy Quasar shield. Once the shield is broken they can score a goal. 

Primary Role: User Experience Researcher

My main role on RetCon while making Quasar league was User Experience Researcher. This included making reports with data visualizations like above that led to actionable changes. For example: while analyzing the data from playtests I made these visualizations that told us more about what was frustrating some players. The first visualization shows us that Match 1,3, and 4 were completely one-sided games. The second graph shows us that only players from these three matches rated the game as frustrating (even a winning player rated as frustrating). The last visualization shows us that another possibility is how long the matches were and how little scoring was happening. This led to a major change in the game flow of a match, it became easier to score but took more goals (3 to 5) to win one round. If you would like to read more click the link below.

Secondary Role: User Experience Design

My UX work on the project includes: creating "player archetypes" based on Quantic Foundry's Gamer Motivation Model, contributing to level design choices and changes so it better guides players, and menu wireframes and implementation. I also used my skills from my data and research skills to improve the user experience. Below is an example of another feature that improved the player experience by providing them an easy to understand visualization for both teams performance.


Other Contributions:

  • Consulting on visual effects to help make them communicate their function better

  • UI creation and implementation

  • 3D modeling for level, menus, and pilots

  • Scripting and implementing features